About Us

My name is He Zhang (Ryan in English), Vice President of Wuxi Truelighting, and I wanted to thank you for stopping by our company’s website. This is our story:

Wuxi Truelighting Optoelectronic Tech Co., Ltd. is the brainchild of Li Xuan (English name Frank). Frank, who is President and CEO, is the son of an electrical engineer. He attended University in Canada along with yours truly and another partner of the company, Mr. Sijia Wang (English name Kevin) and our General Manager.

In 2007 the lighting world as we know it was forever changed as provisions in the USA’s Energy Independence and Security Act basically signed the death warrant for incandescent lights. Given that Frank’s father had spent his life’s work in this very same industry, Frank, in his new-found Western entrepreneurial style, saw a ‘bright’ future developing and seized the opportunity. He immediately drafted a blueprint of his vision, gathered his friends and his father as founders, and went to work on research and development.

Now three years and millions of watts in testing later Truelighting has many lines of products, but the most exciting is what is coming out of our high-end product line called EMINUS. EMINUS focuses on MR16 technology and is the champion of Truelighting’s short history. The lumens, watt consumption, color-temperature, warranty and price are so far unparalleled in the industry. Coupled with UL, CUL and CE certification, the EMINUS products can be purchased with the full confidence that you and your customers are receiving a top-of-the-line, long lasting bulb.

This is who we are. A family and friends company with a kick-ass product. Care to compare? Awesome. Just send us an email and ask for a sample and we’ll be happy to mail you one. Thanks for stopping by.